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Jagua session prep

Kindly read the following to prepare for your Jagua session. Both the client and artist should be in the best environment to create the best work of art as possible. Hence it is important for both parties to respect boundaries to have a pleasant experience.


1. Kindly arrive 10 minutes before your session. It is good to use that extra time to cool down and relax your mind before the session, which could take a few hours. 


2. Please inform the artist asap if you are unable to attend the session. Rescheduling is based on availability and the artist must be informed at least a day in advance. Deposits will be forfeited if clients fail to do so. 


3. On the day of appointment, there is a 15 minutes grace period, if there is no reply from the client within that period, the deposit is forfeit. 


2. Inform the artist at once if you are feeling unwell before or during the session and we can reschedule. The artist will also inform the client if they are feeling unwell as well. 

Personal hygiene


If you know you have a session that day, do not do vigorous sports beforehand. Your skin is the canvas, so a great canvas will result in a better art piece. 

The client shouldn't have to smell the artist's BO, vice versa. 

If you think you may have perspired for whatever reason, kindly take a shower beforehand, wash your feet, or at the very least wear deodorant. 


Try to avoid wearing clothes that will touch the desired tattoo area. As your sin is the canvas, the artist will have to touch you. 

A blanket will be provided during the session. However if you are still uncomfortable, then this might not be the service for you:) 

Eat something

Kindly have had some food and water before your session.

Visit the restroom as well.

Skin sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin, free patch tests are available at the studio. Make an appointment before heading to the studio.

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