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Running Time: 2:26 min

2D Traditional Cell Animation

A film by Jennifer Soon
Music by Franz Wieland

Supervisors Hans-Martin Rall, Ishu Patel
Chair of ADM Prof. Vibeke Sorensen

Animation faculty Asst Prof Kathrain Albers, Assoc Prof Hans Peter Bacher, Asst Prof Davide
Benvenuti, Assoc Prof Biju Dhanapalan, Assoc Prof Benjamin Seide

Animation staff Yeong Chen Hui, Thummanapalli Nagarju

Software: Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard pro

Lavender is an experimental short film. This project explores the themes of life and rebirths. The film places emphasis on the flow of space and time, with metaphors blending through seamlessly.


How do we project our feelings outside of ourselves? How do we help others understand our unspoken challenges? How do we understand ourselves?


With the help of melodic and psychedelic music, Lavender hopes to bring viewers on an emotional otherworldly experience.

Full film


Promotion collaterals

Poster design

Colour experiments

Process work

Character design

Sketches and colour experiments

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