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What is Jagua Ink?

Not to be confused with the animal jaguar, Jagua Ink tattoo is a temporary form of skin decoration resulting from the application of the fruit juice extracted from the Genipa Americana, also known as Jagua. The Genipa Americana fruit tree actually grows in South America and has served several South Americans native groups as a natural decorating tool that also helps prevent bites from mosquitos. The Genipa Americana belongs to the Genipa species which can be found in the Caribbean, northern South America, and southern Mexico.

 It grows in rainforests and is commonly known as Huito. Did you know that the Jagua fruit has a high nutritional value with several essential vitamins such as phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin B? Also, the indigenous people of the rainforest use the Jagua fruit as a medicine because it is believed to contain antibiotic properties. Despite the various uses of the fruit, Jagua is mainly harvested for its dyeing properties. The stains from a Jagua tattoo has a deep blue-black color which is similar to the tattoos done with a needle and ink.

During the preparation of Jagua, the fruit is picked when it’s unripe (the color is green), then it’s peeled and the juice is extracted from it. The Juice is turned into a gel that is suitable for body art. Different suppliers of Jagua have their method of PREPARING the gel.

Also, other ingredients are added to the Jagua gel to produce the best results. Some of the ingredients added include Xanthan gum, citric acid, Potassium sorbate and lavender essential oil. Most Jagua stains can actually last for a month depending on the skin type. 

Stain duration

The Jagua temporary tattoo can last for up to 3 weeks on the body depending on the skin type. Also, there are other factors that may affect the duration of the stain.
• First, different skin shades, lifestyle, and chemistry affects the duration of the stain.
• Several activities such as rubbing of clothes on the stain, bathing, and swimming can shorten the duration of the stain.
• Finally, stains located in certain regions of the body such as the torso, legs, and arms last longest and the ones on thicker skinned areas of the body such as feet and hands also have darker stains.

Is Jagua safe?

Yes, Jagua is safe and does not contain harmful chemicals. It is similar to henna in several ways, it is made from a plant and has been used safely by several Amazon tribes for ages. However, there might be cases of allergies for people that are allergic to most tropical fruits. If you are sensitive, then you can do a patch test before using Jagua or discuss your concerns with your doctor. Also, in some individuals, when fresh Jagua body art is exposed to heat within the first 48 hours, it can actually lead to a reaction. In the event that you have a bad reaction to Jagua, you can use hydrocortisone or any other natural remedy to relieve the itchiness which is usually not severe.

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